For Teachers

Are you a teacher? Looking for solutions to the following in the classroom?

Large ClassesYou teach large classes and can't get your students to ask/answer questions ?

Chat-App You use a chat-app (WeChat, FB messenger, Line, etc..) to keep in touch with your students, but find it annoying to always get their questions, comments and messages all the time?

Science Subjects You tutor a science subject, and want to answer your students questions instantaneously by writing equations and drawing diagrams?

Active Presentation You want to open a back-channel for the audience to communicate with you and with each other during your presentation?

For Students

Are you a student? Looking for solutions to the following in/out of the classroom?

Group Study You want to study with a friend or a group using a collaborative instant messaging and drawing platform?

Anonymous ModeYou want to be able to ask your teachers questions anonymously and get feedback instantaneously ?

Write & Draw You study a science subject which requires writing, equations or drawing a diagram to ask a question or explain a concept?

Additional - Teacher Features

Mute Students and Delete Messages If your students are not using YoTeach! respectfully, you can mute students and/or delete their messages.

Student Participation StatisticsYou can access students' total number of comments and questions on YoTeach! for participation marks.

Annotate on top of messages/imagesYou can click on a message/image and write on top of the message/image to collaborate more constructively by drawing.

Semi Private Rooms Make your room more private by clicking "Avoid Search", and to access your room after, please go to

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