Create new chat rooms in seconds

Easily create a chat room in your browser tab. No invite, registration or signup necessary. Our YoTeach! platform allows your students to communicate with each other at any time, from anywhere!

Engage in discursive dialogue

Our YoTeach! chatrooms are specifically designed for students to discuss, connect and engage, allowing even the shyest student to freely interact without any pressure and in a much less intimidating way.

Check for understanding

Ask students to write short responses or explain a concept in their own words, allowing you to quickly determine which students understand and which students need additional support.

Easily create a shareable link to a room

A shareable link is an easy way for you to invite students to join your group. Easily navigate to our YoTeach! URL followed by your room name, for example:

Complete anonymity without being tied to your real identity

Yo Teach! boasts the fact your students can chat with anyone they choose and remain completely anonymous. Anonymity offers students the opportunity to be more open, willing and receptive.

Ask and discuss clarifying questions

Simulate discussion in the chatroom with thought-provoking questions. Let students ask questions as they arise so that they can be answered anywhere and by anyone.

Allow posts to be rated

YoTeach! allows students to post comments and let their colleagues vote with a thumbs-up rating.

Solicit feedback

Did the concepts discussed in class make sense? What was muddiest point in today's class? Use YoTeach! chatroom postings as a means to solicit feedback from students about their understanding of a lecture or get instant feedback on your students' comprehension of a concept.

Enable a space for group projects

Students can share links, post images and collaborate on group projects. This is useful when you want groups to have a space to plan projects, hold meetings brainstorm ideas, or provide each other feedback.

Connect with experts

Invite experts in specific fields to participate in a discussion at a specific time and to interact by offering different perspectives and sharing their knowledge and experiences.