Mobile app for Fourier Transform

Dr. Alan LAU (EE) – PolyU

Linear systems, Fourier Transform and Spectral Analysis are the cornerstone of undergraduate Science or Engineering curriculum and it is one of the core subjects for universities worldwide. As the subject matter relates to signal and its analysis, a mobile device is an ideal platform to demonstrate such important and fundamental concepts as sound and photos is easily accessible from everyday usage of mobile devices.

There are a lot of computer aids, interactive media or mobile apps to help visualize the concepts, but most apps in the market have very restricted contents and are inadequate as an official learning aid in formal course settings. In addition, different disciplines have different notational preference and specific focus on this broad topic, rendering the presentation of most current apps not comprehensive and flexible enough.

We aim to develop a proper iOS app from a teacher’s perspective so that it is comprehensive and flexible enough for courses in various disciplines such as physics, mathematics, engineering and computer science across Universities worldwide.