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Using back channel @YoTeachApp to comment about differences between the story “Jilting of Granny Weatherall” and the video version. #wearemv #DLDay #hs #mvelearn              
Mary says VOTE! @feagley4
Perfect!! I LOVE the option to create a word cloud at the end. Here it is for today. Not a ton of content because it was our first day, but tomorrow is going to look different. Thanks @YoTeachApp!                
Elizabeth M.Ed. Instructional Leadership @LizzieAnnePerez
We are using @zoom_us for small groups! Their generosity during this time is so appreciated! They ask questions during in the chat, and today I added @yoteachapp for questions after our live time.                
Jaime Vandergrift, Ed.S @JaimeVanderG
Day 3. Gracias @rockalingua 4 teaching Ss (see Sadie's photo), @HelloFresh 4 great meals, @yoteachapp for an easy chatroom for SS,& @PickensHighGa 4 being an awesome tribe! #COVID19 #Together #TakesAVillage #Productive #TEACHers #GaStudents #GaTeachers @PCBOEGA @gadoeworldlang            
Elizabeth M.Ed. Instructional Leadership @LizzieAnnePerez
Thank you @yoteachapp for keeping us together when we can’t be! We had a “seminar” based on the Big Question in Anne Frank! @MrMattKUkoda @LiGleas @WallInPrincipal              
Alyson Ehrlich @mrsehrlich23
Anonymity is key. We should not be afraid to remove self imposed or peer imposed judgement/fear; we must make a safe space for all students to grow and learn. Chat engages students that would otherwise be silent in class.            
Vindrazzi @vindrazzi
I’ve recently been using Yo Teach for back channel discussions for all ages learners. It’s more accessible now too as you can dictate responses. @yoteachapp          
Kelly Grillo, PhD @kellygrillo
Looking for new tech platform to use in the classroom? This article features some great suggestions from @Rdene915, including @Wakelet, @Flipgrid, @yoteachapp, @backchannelApp, @parlayideas      
Richard Colosi @RichardColosi
Keep in touch with your students with @yoteachapp! YoTeach! online discussion board… #education #homeschooling #remotelearning #remoteteaching #edtech #sel    
Kristina A. Holzweiss is #HackingSchoolLibraries @lieberrian
Teachers & students will love @yoteachapp #engagement #LearningKeepsGoing #istesla20 Graphic made at @AdopeSpark is another great #edtech tool! @micheeaton  
Julie Boatright, EdS @JulieBoatright
Students used @yoteachapp to practice using accountable talk stems and #digcit. Such an empowering way for them to authentically engage with each other! I’m so impressed by my students! #IDEAiste #ISTEcert #empower
Katie Frey @katiejfrey
Weeks ago, I asked if anyone had found the best method for in class backchanneling. @ENGSarahWap recommended @yoteachapp & it is incredible! I feel like I've found the holy grail of online chat tools!! There's even drawing & voice options for littles! #LPSelma
Jamie Qualls @MrsQualls_WHS
Students loved doing a virtual Socratic seminar yesterday instant-messaging style! @yoteachapp was so fun to use and gave every student a voice!
Hannah Koehler @MissHkoehler
@yoteachapp is easy to use and a great replacement for #TodaysMeet. real time interaction online with students yields unexpected benefits: Cross grade and cross class collaboration, rapid sharing of resources and meaningful feedback esp re: team dynamics
Kelly Burgess @kscottburgess
Using @yoteachapp as a back channel during our #406Cadre panel discussion is amazing! While panelists are sharing, Ts are asking questions and sharing ideas on this back channel. Super easy to use & we love that we can add photos  and drawings as well as text. #BPSLearns
Traci Piltz  @TraciPiltz
@yoteachapp is a great resource to include introverted students in back channel chats during class discussions #EdcampSTL
Emilee Madlinger @emilee_mad
Tried @yoteachapp for today's #R10DF, and it worked so well!! Loved the reply & other features, and the text-to-audio is for accessibility. If you're looking for a backchannel, try it! #R10PL #R10tech
Kathryn Laster @kklaster
I use @yoteachapp during Socratic seminars and classroom discussions... great way for all students to have a voice in the classroom!
Lauren Schregel @Schregelsings
@yoteachapp has become one of my favorite tools for giving all students a voice, and now teachers can ensure that they are responding to those voices with the student question tracking feature!! #r10tech
Misty Trevino @TrevinoMisty
@yoteachapp is a great tool that teachers can use to help guide Socratic seminars within their classroom discussions of readings or notes discussed in class. #EDCO305
Taylor @Taylor_Miller56
@LYearta I could use Yoteach in my elementary school classroom. My students can respond to questions about how they feel about a subject or unit without asking the whole class. This can allow me to see if my students need more review or is ready to move forward. #EDCO305
Ashton @ashton_cierraaa
@LYearta Yoteach would could be good in an elementary school classroom for when students are doing independent research. The students can ask each other questions when they arrise. #EDCO305
Caroline Burt @caroline_burt14
@LYearta I could have my students use Yoteach during geometry class to ask peers questions about the lesson or get suggestions on studying for a certain area of the content. It would be great for students who need something to do as they listen! #EDCO305
Marigrace Yuskaitis @MYuskaitis
@LYearta I loved using the Yoteach thread today in #EDCO305! I could easily use this in my classroom to give my students a way to express their confusion and to get answers to questions they have. It could be used anonymously or with real names, which helps more private students
Sara Griffith @MissGriffithSC
@LYearta I would use YoTeach in my classroom during math instruction. As I'm teaching different strategies for students to use to solve a problem, they can use YoTeach to tell me what strategy they like and will work best for them. #EDCO305
Brooke Tindal Copy @brooke_tindal
@LYearta Yoteach would be good to use as a resource when watching a video for introducing a new idea to students. We recently watched a video to introduce minerals, the students could have typed questions that they had/things they learned while the video played. #EDCO305
Becca Evans @MsBeccaEvans
Using Yoteach during music instruction can help students feel more secure in their learning and can enable them to ask specific questions about the content in a lecture-based setting. #EDCO305
Julia Dales @JuliaDales2
#EDCO305 Yoteach could be used while giving a lecture in social studies as a way to quickly see which concepts students may not have understood by them asking questions about it or asking for an explanation
Mr. Malik Brown @MrMalikBrown1
I think yoteach as a backchannel would be a great tool for students to use to write predictions or inferences as they are reading independently or listening to a shared reading. #EDCO305
Ms. McMahon @MsMcMahon4th
I can use  @yoteachapp as a study method in my classroom! Students can input vocabulary definitions and each student will be able to use that information to study for upcoming tests! #EDCO305
Faith @Faith67570146
I could use Yoteach in my classroom by allowing the students to explain in their own words what they learned from a lesson/reading. For example, in one of my lessons, my students will have the opportunity to say one thing they learned from their reading on Yoteach. #EDCO305
Mickel Wright Copy @wright_mickel
I could use Yoteach in my content area (social studies) by allowing the students to ask questions on the backchannel while I am delivering content #EDCO305
Anna Kelly @annakelly2020
@LYearta I would use yoteach in my classroom similar to the way we used it in class today. I would have the students ask questions or share comments about the content we were learning about. This would allow for the more introverted students to be involved. #EDCO305
Ms. Turner @mssarahturnersc