15 July 2021 (Thursday)


2:00 pm to 4:30 pm


Online Zoom in Cantonese


1. 香港理工大學 暫任副校長(研究及創新)及 協理副校長(本科生課程)石丹理教授 致歡迎辭

2. 介紹QEF計劃和示範三種主動學習教學方法及相關的創新流動應用程式(網上互動白板、YoTeach!及 Badaboom)

3. 參與學校教師分享相關經驗 : 佛教黃鳯翎中學、宣道中學、循道中學、元朗商會中學 (按英文字母排序)

4. 教師和校長就「在新冠肺炎下推行主動學習教學法的經驗、機遇與挑戰」進行小組討論

Programme Details

  1. Welcoming speech by Professor Daniel T. L. SHEK, Interim Vice President (Research and Innovation) and Associate Vice President (Undergraduate Programme), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University;
  2. Introduction to the QEF project and demonstration of three active teaching methods supported by respective innovative learning tools (Interactive online whiteboards, YoTeach! and Badaboom);
  3. Experience sharing by teachers in the QEF project from Buddhist Wong Fung Ling College, Christian Alliance College, Methodist College and Yuen Long Merchants Association Secondary School (in alphabetical order);
  4. Panel discussion by teachers and principals on “Challenges, Opportunities and Lessons Learned in Implementing Active Learning Pedagogies during the COVID-19 Pandemic