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After you have completed your quiz, the Badaboom quiz will automatically be stored in the browser of your computer. You can retrieve it anytime when you access Badaboom using the same browser. Note: the quiz will be automatically saved in your browser unless you clear your web browser’s cache, cookies and history.

However, if you would like to save your quiz to share or use on another computer at a later time, you will need to export your quiz. The export function allows you to export your quiz content as a .json file. To do this, follow these two simple steps:

STEP 1: Click “Export quiz”, to download the JSON file (.json) and save it on a device or known location for import later.

STEP 2: To use the quiz on another computer or to share it, you just need to import the quiz by clicking on “import” and selecting the saved .json file. Make sure to give a new name for this quiz.

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David Kapuler

Badaboom bills itself as an alternative to Kahoot, where educators can make quizzes/games and then have students answer them in a “game" setting.  These quizzes can be multiple choice, have multiple answers, and even have written or drawn responses.  As w/ Kahoot, student’s can respond via their mobile devices and responses can be shared via the web up on a projector.  Finally, Badaboom makes it easy for educators to integrate “game based learning" into the classroom as well as differentiating instruction.

Why Badaboom!

Multiple Question/Answer OptionsAsk multiple choice questions with multiple correct answers

Ranged Numerical AnswersAsk questions and define a closed ranged interval of possible numerical answers - great for science teachers!

Free Hand/Math/Symbol Writing Responses! ask questions where students can respond by handwriting freely on their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The automatic hand writing recognition library will automatically transform their free writing into typed text or LaTeX.

Word Cloud For free hand writing responses, the most prevalent text and LaTeX responses will be represented in a word cloud format.

Kahoot! But Better!It's a fun game based learning platform like Kahoot! but it has more functionality: more types of questions and responses; continuos infinite timer; and choice of multiple theme songs.

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