About Cell Game

Cell Game is an online multiplayer competitive-survival game. Combining gaming and education, it aims to let players learn and review knowledge through entertainment. In Cell Game, knowledge and strategy is your weapon. Your goal is to survive and become the most dominant cell on the game board!

You will

1 Absorb cells by answering questions correctly

2  Enlarge yourself by absorbing more cells

3 Protect the core


Cell Upgrade

All cells can upgrade for once to gain a layer of protection. To upgrade a cell, players need to select their own cell and answer a medium level question correctly. An upgraded cell will have a white border (cell core will have “1” on it).

New game rules

1. A Player only can upgrade their own cell.

2. All cells can be upgraded only once.

3. Player needs to answer a medium level question to upgrade a cell

4. Player needs to answer two questions to capture an upgraded cell. First question will downgrade the cell to normal cell, second one will capture it

5. An upgraded cell still counts as one cell

Change cell color

Player can randomly change their cell’s color

Hover effect

A visual to let players know which cell they are selecting

More login methods

The game support 4 different ways to login right now. We now support Twitter and personal email to login, beside Google and Facebook.

Advanced Folder setting

This feature allows the instructor to reuse their question folders, so they do not have to enter all the questions again to another room. The step is simple, the instructor only needs to check the advanced setting in the room and paste the folder name or ID in the respective difficulty folder.


Maximum 200 players battle in the same room. Size of the map will flexible resize based on number of player.

Question bank includes question from all subject and all difficulties.

It can store millions of question, and allow instructors to add as many question as they want.

A real time leaderboard will display all players current ranking

Using special strategy to defeat your enemy, and gain more cells


1. Player will spawn on the map with a core

2. Click on the cell that is next to the core

3. Answer a question correctly

4. Then you will get a Cell

5. Your goal: Survive and become the biggest cell


STEP1: Player will spawn on the map with a core

STEP2: Click on the cell that is next to the core

STEP3: Answer a question correctly

STEP4: Then you will get a cell

STEP5: Your goal: Survive and become the biggest cell