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A new alternative to Todaysmeet!

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If, like me, you were completely devastated when the backchannel tool TodaysMeet shut down last year, you’ll be happy to know that you can have almost the same experience on YoTeach! Just set up a free room, give your students the URL, and everyone can come on in and chat just like they did on TodaysMeet. What’s even better is that you can password protect your room, participants can add pictures and drawings in the chat, and rooms don’t appear to ever expire.

If you have been looking for an alternative to TodaysMeet and haven’t found one you like, give Yo Teach! a try. The option to have students draw on a whiteboard and insert those drawings into a chat is simply fantastic. In a math class you could have students show their work or highlight a portion of a problem on which they need help. You can also insert a drawing to aid an explanation.

YoTeachApp is a great backchannel site to utilize with students and staff. It offers many benefits, including:

  • It’s free.
  • It’s easy to set up.
  • Others can quickly join with a QR code or link.
  • It provides a drawing feature with an auto draw feature.
  • It features upload functionality.
  • It includes an admin feature with the ability to mute students, delete chats, and more.

For Teachers

Are you a teacher? Looking for solutions to the following in the classroom?

Large ClassesYou teach large classes and can't get your students to ask/answer questions ?

Chat-App You use a chat-app (WeChat, FB messenger, Line, etc..) to keep in touch with your students, but find it annoying to always get their questions, comments and messages all the time?

Science Subjects You tutor a science subject, and want to answer your students questions instantaneously by writing equations and drawing diagrams?

Active Presentation You want to open a back-channel for the audience to communicate with you and with each other during your presentation?

For Students

Are you a student? Looking for solutions to the following in/out of the classroom?

Group Study You want to study with a friend or a group using a collaborative instant messaging and drawing platform?

Anonymous ModeYou want to be able to ask your teachers questions anonymously and get feedback instantaneously ?

Write & Draw You study a science subject which requires writing, equations or drawing a diagram to ask a question or explain a concept?

Additional - Teacher Features

Mute Students and Delete Messages If your students are not using YoTeach! respectfully, you can mute students and/or delete their messages.

Student Participation StatisticsYou can access students' total number of comments and questions on YoTeach! for participation marks.

Annotate on top of messages/imagesYou can click on a message/image and write on top of the message/image to collaborate more constructively by drawing.

Semi Private Rooms Make your room more private by clicking "Avoid Search", and to access your room after, please go to


Delete Rooms As an administrator, you can delete your own rooms anytime.

Download Transcripts As an administrator, you can download your transcripts of your room anytime, and its totally free!

QR Code Generate and make available a unique QR code for your students to access your room.

Like Comments/ Questions Button You can "like" a comment and questions in a room. The comment or question with the most likes may go to the top of the page, if you are in the "voting room" mode.

Voting/Chatroom Mode As an administrator, you can choose either to be in the regular "chatroom" mode, or the "voting" room mode (where students can "like" a comment or question).


Easy URLEasy to remember URL for rooms

Better Drawing UI Can type on top of picture, Magnify before writing

Reply Function Replying to comments/messages

"Search" Function Can search chatting history .

Simple Polling Can make simple polling to engage students / audience.

Clear Room Clear your room record


Raising Hands!!!! Answering all student questions